Western Sales & Testing

Amarillo, Texas

Founded in the centrally located Texas Panhandle in 1963, Western Sales & Testing specializes in the manufacture, requalification and refurbishment of Department of Transportation (DOT) compressed gas tube trailers, multiple element gas containers (MEGCs), and ASME ground storage assemblies. We offer more than six decades of industry experience as well as superior design capabilities, allowing us to ensure high-quality products and rigorous quality control for our customers.

Our Specialty: Manufacturing and refurbishment of compressed gas tube trailer and equipment, plus gas tube testing and requalification

  • Bulk specialty gas equipment
  • Hydrostatic testing and requalification

  • Acoustic emissions/ultrasonic testing

  • Gas trailer and chassis manufacturing and refurbishment

  • Trailer leasing, including for international transport of compressed gases

  • Fabrication of stainless steel manifolds

  • Field repair for ground storage vessels

  • Manufacture, assembly and testing of ASME-type ground storage equipment

  • Refurbishment of existing ASME tubes

  • Y-bottle testing and refurbishment processes

  • Restoration of all component systems of transport equipment, including lighting, air and brake, axles and fifth wheel sections, and mainframe

  • Requalification and preparation of electronic and specialty gas equipment (ultra-high purity electronic gases)

Work for Western Group

Western Sales and Testing is continually looking for workers of different skills and backgrounds.